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Feile, Feilen, file, files, lima, lime, limas, limes


Picture Gallery 110 years ago in Perlen, canton of Lucerne, Johan Honauer began to manufacture files. At that time, producing files meant pure manual work, for only at the beginning of the 20th century, file-cutting machines were available on the market. Today it is unimaginable to produce industrial tools without electricity. Business was very local bound as clients could only be reached on foot, horse or bicycle. As a consequence, there were a considerable amount of file factories and file-cutter was an ambitious and distinguished job. Johan Honauerís business grew steadily as the industry developed and it was extended continuously.
Picture Gallery Within the second generation, the owner by then was Niklaus Honauer, the business moved to the neighbor municipality of Root, where it is still located. Changes took place during the years and the Honauer file- and tool-factory, with over 60 employees, became an important employer for the region of Lucerne in the middle 1960ís.
Picture Gallery The third generation, under Emil Honauer, mastered several crisis between the 1970ís, 80ís and the beginning of the 90ís. Since manual work became too expensive and the more precise and faster machines took over, the demand for files diminished dramatically.
Picture Gallery The management of Urs Honauer, had to look for new markets and adapt their production to modern times. By now, the main object lies on producing special files and tools for different industrial areas. Even the old-fashioned art of hand-cutting was not forgotten and is applied for small series and unusual file forms.

Feile, Feilen, file, files, lima, lime, limas, limes
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